Dan Deacon : Get Older

January 19, 2009

Pacman (Atari 2600)

Dan Deacon – Get Older (mp3)

…from Bromst (2009)

3 Responses to “Dan Deacon : Get Older”

  1. ajay Says:

    nice songs. I have to download some of these

  2. jbushnell Says:

    Whew, that Deacon track is just incredible. A few minutes in I was like “wow, this is really great,” and then it somehow redoubles in greatness before it finishes out. Are the rest of his tracks commesurate to this one?

  3. Scrap Says:

    Pink Batman is another good track, a bit slower but slow for Dan Deacon is still relatively breakneck! The Crystal Cat and Wham City are also worth checking out

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