Fuck Buttons : Colours Move

January 14, 2009

Greene Woodworking & Glass - Bright Orange Mosaic Glass

Fuck Buttons – Colours Move (mp3)

…from Street Horrrsing (2008)

4 Responses to “Fuck Buttons : Colours Move”

  1. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on Lava. I have to say that I love the artpiece on here by Greene. Im drawn to warm colours. Can you believe Ive never seen space odyssey? I need to rent that ASAP!

  2. DaggaLife Says:

    Where was this track when I was writing 20 page essays in senior year at VaTech. A nice L and this track would’ve surely scored me a B+. Thanks for bringing me back.

  3. Hey man, thanks for leaving a comment on my “Gone” mix.

    I came here and one of the first things I see is a song by Fuck Button.


  4. jbushnell Says:

    I love this track, the Fuck Buttons record was my favorite of the year.

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